Special Effects Flock


Pinnacle Flock SPX for commercial special effects. Looks exactly like real snow! Used in the movie industry, now you can use it to decorate store fronts, weddings, party events, and even at home. Mixed without Flame Retardant or adhesives so it vacuums up after use. Formulated with long fibers using optical brighteners to make Pinnacle Flock SPX almost glow in the dark.

  • Non-Adhesive
  • Long Fibers = Fluffy Snow.

We’ve developed a high-grade reliable cellulose by using longer fibers.

  • ULTRA Bright White

We’ve used combinations of optical brighteners that make Pinnacle SPX brighter than white and looks exactly like real snow. Almost glow in the dark.

See video demonstration HERE.


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Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 50 × 11 × 100 cm

10kg per bag


60.96 x 40.64 x 15.24 cm